Johns Hopkins Hospital

1800 Orleans St


Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) is the teaching hospital and biomedical research facility of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, located in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. It was founded in 1889 using money from a bequest of over $7 million (1873 money, worth 134.7 million dollars in 2016) by city merchant, banker/financier, civic leader and philanthropist Johns Hopkins (1795–1873). Johns Hopkins Hospital and its school of medicine are considered to be the founding institutions of modern American medicine and the birthplace of numerous famous medical traditions including rounds, residents and house staff. Many medical specialties were formed at the hospital including neurosurgery, by Dr. Harvey Cushing and Dr. Walter Dandy; cardiac surgery by Dr. Alfred Blalock; and child psychiatry, by Dr. Leo Kanner. Attached to the hospital is the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center which serves infants, children, teens, and young adults aged 0-21.

John Hopkins Hospital is located at 1800 Orleans Street

Transportation options available:

  • Bus Service

The MTA operates local, express and neighborhood buses in and around the Baltimore metropolitan area. Several routes make stops at the East Baltimore campus and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. 

  • Charm City Circulator

Fleet of 21 free shuttles operating on three routes throughout Baltimore City. The green route travels to the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus. 

  • Metro Subway

Above-ground and underground train, operating a northwest-to-southeast route from Owings Mills to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

  • Light Rail

To get to The Johns Hopkins Hospital, get off at Lexington Market and transfer to the Metro subway. 

  • MARC Train

Commuter rail system serving several counties in Maryland, Washington D.C. and West Virginia. Trains make stops at Penn Station and Camden Station in Baltimore City. Transfer to a local bus or the Charm City Circulator (from Penn Station). 

  • Taxi Services



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513 Park Avenue


853 Park Avenue


715 Park Avenue


713 Saint Paul Street


Security options

1) Campus Security - Corporate Security is responsible for the oversight of security operations and investigations on the campuses of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Our force, which consists of security professionals and off-duty Baltimore City Police Officers, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2) All MTVF addresses nearby JHH are part of Downtown Safety Coalition, a cohort of police and private security providers in the area, at all levels of government; close coordination with the Baltimore Police Department on deployments, crime reporting, and monitoring safety cameras; hiring private security to supplement police patrols. 

3) All MTVF apartments are all located inside small, historic buildings that feature secure access. 

Addresses Cleanliness

We are using not only disposable gloves, but also masks, shoe covers and CDC approved cleaning products  products that are discarded after each cleaning. After each cleaning, we wash all our mops and microfiber cleaning cloths to the manufacturer's recommended sanitizing temperature. We only use EPA-registered disinfectants, and disinfect all surfaces especially the touched surfaces (light switches, door knobs, sink faucets, handrails, etc) and floor for fighting COVID and other viruses. 

Pest Control

All buildings are preventively treated for pests on a regular basis by the most effective and eco-friendly pest control services that are sure to guard against termites, carpenter ants, bed bugs, or any other pests you may encounter in Mount Vernon, MD

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